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Gray Line Halong first set sail in 2013, the liner follows international standards when it comes to cruises on Halong Bay.


Built in 2013, Gray Line Halong is the newest Classic cruise of 113-years worldwide brand Gray Line. Spreading over 3 decks with 14 luxury cabins, it offers boutique interiors with oak-wooden wall. All rooms and bathrooms have large sea view. VIP cabin (Suites) has private terrace, Jacuzzi bathtub and private balcony. More different than other cruises in Halong Bay, Gray Line Halong Cruise’s first criterion is taking serious care to ensure you the safest cruising in Halong Bay.


Cabin (via Gray Line Halong cruise)

Gray Line Halong cabin is your eyes over Halong Bay. Rooms featured large sea-view bathroom and private balcony will ensure intimate privacy and comfort for you to enjoy cruising. The traditions and the modern blend harmoniously in distinctive handcrafted woodwork and boutique décor, which allows you to relax in style and makes the most of your Halong retreat.

Deluxe Cabins: The deluxe cabins with large sea-view windows are 16m2 and located in the first deck. Bed types include twins or double rooms. Each cabin has the capacity of 2 adults and 1 child with extra bed available.

Deluxe Balcony Cabins: The deluxe balcony cabins are 18m2 and located in the second deck with private balcony. Bed types include twins or double rooms. Each cabin has the capacity of 2 adults and 1 child with extra bed available.

VIP Cabins: The VIP cabins are 20m2 and located in the second deck with connecting door, Jacuzzi bathtub and private terrace of 10m2 with panorama view. Each cabin has the capacity of 2 adults and 1 child with extra bed available.

Dining & Bar

Dining in the cruise (via Du thuyền Hạ Long)

Gray Line Cruise is considered as one of the best Halong bay luxury cruises. They have one gourmet Tonkin restaurant with fully air conditioned throughout and a fully stocked bar. Gray Line Cruise harmony pefectly between traditional and modern style. The cruise can cater great dining for every member of the family.


Water activities: Coming to Gray Line Halong Cruise, you will be entering a world of water wonders and activites. Tourist can enjoy various kinds of exotic water activities in the Halong bay tours such as kayaking, visiting fishing village, swimming, squid fishing… Gray Line Cruise is proud to provide you the best route for these activities.

Gray Line Cruise Halong Bay (via Halong Bay)

On-board activities: Learn more about on board activities that you and your family can enjoy on the Halong bay cruise. Gray Line Halong cruise offers great halong bay tours with fun activities and great dining for every member of the family. Discover more about your ability by joining cooking class or taichi demonstration.

Special activities: Gray Line Halong Cruise also schedule so many special activities on the best routes of Halong bay tours that your days at bay can be much more special to you. Gray Line Halong Cruise will arrange completely every private request such as honeymoon, wedding, meeting and conference.

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