Experience Halong Bay like a local (Part 2)


If you want to experience Halong like a local, here are some guides for you.

>>Experience Halong Bay like a local (Part 1)

Watch the sunset on sunwheel

After you have spent time thrill-seeking through Dragon Park, stay around long enough to enjoy a magnificent sunset. The Sunwheel is an enormous Ferris wheel that offers spectacular views of the surrounding terrain. Its location is at the top of Ba Deo mountain, 250 meters above sea level. The wheel itself is bedecked in tens of thousands of LED lights. It is amazing opportunity to sit in one of the 64 cars and watch as the sun slowly plummets over the horizon.

Sunwheel in Halong (via Halong Bay Day Cruise)

Have a coffee at rooftop cafe bar

Finding bars and cafés is a great way to mingle with the locals. You can question the servers and bartenders or even strike up a conversation with a Halong Bay inhabitant. You can find the Rooftop Café & Bar on the tenth floor of the Halong Telecommunication Building. This café offers food, coffee, cocktails and a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. Since it is open from 6 am to 11 pm, you can choose almost any time of day to sit, relax and take in the local culture.

Take cooking class on Emeraude Cruise

Taking cooking classes (via Halong bay Vietnam)

Cruises are one of the most touristy things you can do in Halong Bay. They come highly recommended and offer a wonderful glimpse into the hot spots around the bay. However, when you choose the right cruise you also get a taste of the true local culture. Emeraude Cruise is known for its top of the line cooking courses, one of the many things you can enjoy on board the ship. Attend the demonstration on board and you will be able to see how to make traditional Vietnamese spring rolls. Hai Au Aviation also combines their seaplane experience with an overnight Emeraude cruise, some of the best ways to experience all that Halong Bay has to offer.

Taste night time street food

Breakfast is not the only time to taste the local Halong Bay cuisine. Ben Doan street and Hong Gai ward offer a cornucopia of evening street food. There are about eighty-seven booths in this nighttime market, offering all manner of twilight fair. Seafood is a must-have, from grilled shrimps to grilled spider-crabs and grilled snails. Imagine wandering around the darkened streets of Bay after an early dinner or late night cocktail. The street food of Halong Bay is a necessary experience if you want to understand local life.

Taste night street food (via City Pass Guide)

Sing karaoke at Diamond Club

For the partiers at heart, there are many local clubs in Halong Bay. While most clubs are full of the brim with dancers and rollickers, trying one of the local clubs is a fantastic way to party like a local. The Diamond Club is open from 6pm to 1am and has tons of drinks, music and food. It’s an exciting environment to witness or participate in karaoke. Sing your heart out and see what it’s like to feel as if you are truly apart of Halong Bay.

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