Best places for shopping in Halong


Shopping in Halong Bay could either be a fantastic or a horrible experience for visitors as the place is not really popular for great finds and local handicrafts. As one of the most visited destinations in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia, it is no doubt that Halong Bay has all the potential in drawing in a lot of profit to the rest of the Vietnamese economy.

Let’s now look at the places in area where you could have a good chance of finding extraordinary goods and products that are uniquely Halong Bay:

Bai Chay Commercial Market (Vuon Dao Market)

Bai Chay Commercial Market (via Go Beyond – Discover Halong)

The Bai Chay Commercial Market is located in Vuon Dao area along the tourist district in Halong City. This market specifically caters to the local people of Bai Chay and some of the surrounding districts. It opens from 6am until 630pm at night. This is a great place to witness the daily routines of the Halong City locals.

Halong Central Market

Located in Hon Gai District on the other side of the iconic Halong Bay bridge, the Halong Central Market is the biggest and most visited in the area by both tourists and locals. This market sells almost everything from household furnitures and flowers to clothing and Halong’s local specialty Squid Cakes (Cha Muc). It opens 7 days a week from 6am to 6.30pm.

Halong Bay Night Market (Bai Chay)

Halong Night Market (via Halong bay cruises)

The night market is probably the most well-known shopping area in the city for tourists and travellers. Local people sell different stuff here such as wooden products, bags and purses, accessories, souvenirs, and locally made clothes. The market opens daily from 6pm to 10pm.

Binh Lieu Market

Far different from those listed above, the Binh Lieu Market is located in the highlands of the Quang Ninh Province. Most of the traders here are from the ethnic minorities selling different agricultural produce such as rice, corn, spices and forest honey.

Floating Market Halong

Halong Floating Market (via Wikimedia Commons)

These “shops” are usually found wandering around nearby cruise boats and tourist areas such as the caves and beaches in Halong Bay creating floating markets in the middle of the ocean. These waterborne convenience stores will carry much of the traditional fare, as well as fresh seafood. Be careful with buying though as they put the prices twice or even three times as much as its original price tag.

Vincom Centre Halong

Last but definitely not the least, the newly built and recently opened Viacom Centre Halong brings a fresh experience of shopping in the city of Halong. Located in Hon Gai District just right next to the Halong I Central Market, the mall offers different brands from around the world and caters to the more affluent Vietnamese locals and tourist who are looking for entertainments like movies, grocery stores, and ice skating.

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